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yahya Alsheikh
Yahya Al Sheikh Khoder born in Iraq 1945 began his painting path at an early age.
He developed a rich portfolio which later on qualified him to the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad.
In 1966, Al Sheikh graduated, and later on travelled abroad to pursue his career in Art where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lubiana-Slovenia.By 1970, Al Sheikh completed his studies and earned a degree of M.A Graphic Arts.
Later on in 1984, Al Sheikh received his PhD in Science of Art from the All Union Research Institute in Moscow.
  • In addition to being an artist, Yahya Alsheikh has worked as a designer, illustrator, and art professor ever since 1972.
  • From 1977and till now he has lived in several countries like Russia, Syria, Libya, Jordan and finally he settled in Norway.
  • Since 1972, Al Sheikh has participated in 19 solo exhibitions exhibiting his Graphic works, Painting and Felt, in Baghdad, Moscow, Tripoli, Tunisia, Muscat, Trondheim (Norway), London, Paris.
  • In addition to his solo exhibitions, Al Sheikh, participated n many international exhibitions ( Lubiana, Krakow, Warsaw, Bionic Aires).
  • He is a member of : Iraqi Artist Society, Norwegian Artist Union, City of Art / Paris, Tunisian Artist Union and Euman.